Vision & Mission

The Mission of the University is to revive the glorious past of the Muslim Ummah, as they were the patrons of scholarship and importers of education for the whole mankind, through establishing Universities, Educational Institutions, Research Centres and Public Libraries during the Golden Periods of Middle ages.

The Vision of the University is to establish this University as the Centre of Excellence in South Asian Region, in different areas of scholarship like Shariah Sciences, Business Studies, Modern Sciences and Engineering and Law etc. Keeping its door open to the admission seekers of Asian and East Asian region

The Objectives of the University are as follows:

(a) To create a new generation of Muslim youths, who will be equipped with academic excellence, professional expertise and encored with moral height.

(b) To follow a policy of continued of continued Islamization of Knowledge and academic curricular in different branches of knowledge so that its students can imbibe the true spirit of Islam as an effective guiding principle in their profession and daily life.

The Motto of the University is to combine quality with morality.