Functionality of COE

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The Controller of Examinations office conducts & preserves all the data pertaining to the students of IIUC by own software management. The division concerned with course registration and other relevant exercises. Prepares and plans for the schedule of academic activities of all departments throughout the semester. Coordinates and supervises semester Final Examinations. Processes and provides examination Results. Facilitates appeal for re-scrutinizing of answer scripts and co-ordinations. The verification of student’s Academic Records of Graduation to various users upon their request. Efficient and enthusiastic personnel discharge their duties with a team spirit.


No financial dealings with the users but to present the money Receipt provided by the ACFED of IIUC during the exchange of certificates, Transcripts and other documents.

> Functions of office of the Controller of Exams:

> Registration:

> Examination:

> Result Processing:

> Issuance of Provisional and Final Certificate:

> Issuance of Transcript:

> Convocation:

> Other Functions:

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Functions of office of the Controller of Exams:

  • Organizing the holding of the Meetings of Central Board of Examination (CBE),
  • Preparation, distribution and implementation of the minutes of the CBE meetings,
  • Notification to the Students and issuance of circulars related to the Exams,
  • Providing the exam related documents (e.g. Attendance sheets, Invigilator Attendance, Invigilator/Chief Invigilator Report, Acknowledgement sheets of Answer Scripts),
  • Preparation of duty roster for invigilators and getting the appointment of Invigilators and Chief Invigilators signed by the competent authority for issuance,
  • Issuance of Admit Cards to the Candidates of Final/Special Examinations,
  • Total Supervision and monitoring of holding of Examinations through out the Semester/Trimester/year,
  • Following up the activities of Question Paper setting, submission and distribution thereof on the Exam days,
  • Receiving of Marks Sheets, Processing of Results and finalization of results for Publication and distribution,
  • Taking proper steps for final tabulation and scrutiny of results,
  • Finalization of results of graduating students,
  • Taking steps for rechecking of grades or re-examining the Answer Scripts by any student if required
  • Issuance of Provisional & Original Certificates and Transcripts,
  • Getting the results approved by the Academic Council and syndicate for conferment of degrees,
  • Taking necessary steps for holding Convocation for awarding degrees and awards for excellence,
  • Issuance of show cause notices to the reported students
  • Organizing the holding of the Meetings of Academic Discipline Committee for resolving the matters of reported cases and implementing the decisions of the ADC meetings,
  • Arrangement for Special Examination if required,
  • Advising and putting notes on the applications of students related to academic problems,
  • Checking and recommending the teachers’ remuneration bill related to Examinations ,
  • Filing and preserving the confidential documents like Marks sheets, transcripts, Certificates and, Answer Scripts etc.
  • Responding to the queries of Verification/authentication of transcript & Certificate
  • Offering courses under Special arrangement if required
  • Maintaining and upgrading of students’ result processing software
  • Setting up an archive for preservation of Marks sheets, tabulation sheets, Answer Scripts etc up to the required duration as decided by the competent authority,
  • Printing and Procurement of examination and other materials (Answer Script, Envelop, Certificate & Transcript Pad, Printer paper, copier paper, graph paper, Admit Card),
  • Maintaining and preserving back up copy and hard copy as well of software and data of results,
  • Formulation of policies for smooth handling of examination affairs and preparation of a comprehensive IIUC Examination Manuel,
  • Corresponding and contact the departments in Exam related affairs,
  • Following, advising and implementing the rules of IIUC related to Exam affairs.
  • Assigning and distribution specified activities to each staff of the office of the Controller of Exams
  • Submission of annual budget for the office of Controller of Exams.

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  • Distribution of Registration form for course Registration of all programs
  • Distribution of Add/Drop form for course Add & Drop of Bachelor Programs
  • Distribution of Withdrawal form for course Withdrawal of Bachelor programs
  • Receiving and inserting data of Registration, Add/Drop and withdrawal in Software

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  • Issuance of Admit Card before final Exam.
  • Correction/Changes (if any) in Admit Card
  • Confirmation of Picture in Admit Card and others
  • Attendance sheets for Mid-Term and Final Exam
  • Coordinating and assisting in conduction of Semester Final examinations
  • Receiving and Recordings of Reported unfair means
  • Circular of the Reported Cases
  • Issuance of Show Cause and Proceedings therefore.

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Result Processing:

  • Collection and preservation of Mark Sheets
  • Data Entry and Processing of Result
  • Approval through CBE (Central Board of Examination)
  • Publication of Result
  • Correction /Change (if any discrepancies)
  • Re-evaluation/ Scruitinization of Results

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Issuance of Provisional and Final Certificate:

  • Evaluation of graduation requirements
  • Preparation of transcripts for tabulation
  • Assistance in tabulation to the assigned tabulators
  • Issuance of Clearance for PVC/Final Certificate
  • Preparation of PVC/ Final Certificate
  • Properly signed by the signatory
  • PVC/Final Certificate issue subject to the payment of fees into the ACFD

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Issuance of Transcript:

  • Preparation of Final Transcript
  • Properly signed by the signatory
  • Transcript issue subject to the payment of fees into the ACFD

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  • Relevant support during the University Convocation.

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Other functions:

  • Receiving the request for verification
  • Matching with the counterfoils
  • Preparations of report and forwarding the authenticated to the concerned
  • Responding to the reporting agencies
  • Liaison with Local and Foreign Institutions
  • Issuance of Migration Certificate
  • NOC for Admission into other institutions
  • Conversion of Credit Hours

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