General Collection

Library materials from the General Collection make up the major portion of the library’s collection. This collection comprises of monographic texts and additional reading covering all the disciplines of the University’s academic and research programmes. This collection is distributed at all the 4 levels of the library according to subject.

Reference Collection

The Reference Collection comprises:

a) Dictionaries

b) Encyclopedias

c) Directories

d) Biographies

e) Numerical data compilations

f) Handbooks

g) Manuals

h) Bibliographies

i) Yearbooks,

j) Gazetteers

k) Atlases

i) Indexes

j) Abstracts.

The collection is divided according to subject on all the four floors of the Library.  Except for Level one, the Reference Collection is arranged on the wooden shelves which is noticeable from after.  As the name suggested, users can only refer to the collection within the library.  It is not a borrowable collection.

Controlled Access Collection

The Controlled Access Collection is made up of materials that are heavily used such as :

a) Red spot books

b) Theses

c) Research reports

d) Pictorial collections

e) Examination questions

f) Official publications

g) Small size publications

The collection is scattered on all the four floors of the Library.  Users can know the exact location by using the Library Catalogue.  Some collections are placed on open shelves for easy browsing and some are over the counter access and have limited borrowing period.

Serials Collection

IIUC Library Serials Collection is located at level 4. Our collections consist of titles in various subjects such as religion, language, architecture, environmental design, law, economy, management science, engineering, education, and information and communication technology. Items in the Serials Collection are available in variety of formats: loose-journals, bounded journals, online databases and electronic journals. The library has over 1,500 titles of printed journals, reports, yearbooks, directories and etc.

Services available at the Serials Division are as stated below:





Both current and back volumes of journals are placed together on the open shelves.Current journals are in loose form while previous issues are bounded according to year of publication.



Consist of local popular magazines and international popular magazines. For recent year publication, please request at Serials Section counter. Previous issues are bounded according to year of publication and available at the open shelves.


Local daily newspaper in various languages: Benlali, English and Arabic.Please request at Serials Section counter


Previous 6 months (local daily newspaper) issues are available. Please request at Serials Section counter



Access to electronic resources is restricted to eligible IIUC Library users only.ONLINE DATABASESThe library subscribes to 47 online databases and has 5 open access databases which are accessible via World Wide Web. For list of online databases, please refer to the library website.ELECTRONIC JOURNALSElectronic journals are accessible via World Wide Web. Searchable through the IIUC Library Catalogue and at the IIUC Library Digital Services.


The library has about 20,000 titles. Searchable through the IIUC Library Catalogue and at the IIUC Library Digital Services.


Various official publication which consist of: BEBSDOC; foreign government; local, national, international and regional organization; business organizations; universities and colleges; NGO, associations and societies. Available at the open shelves.


Printed and bounded IIUC past exam papers are available at the open shelves. Also available in digital format which is accessible through the IIUC Library Digital Services




Located at level 1. Any enquiries please refer to Law Information Section.

Loan privilege

All printed materials are for Reference only (non-circulated).

IIUC lecturers are permitted to loan bounded journals for duration of 2 days.

Circulation Desk operation hours

Circulation Desk operation hours begins at 9.00 am. Circulation Desk is close for lunch-break from 1 pm. to 2 pm. and half-an hour before library closing time. However Serials Division’s collections are available for reference (except for collections which have to be requested at the Serial Counter) and Serial Division reading area is open as usual according to the library opening hours.


Special Collection


Materials placed in the Special Collection are those considered ‘unique’ to the university, on specific subjects of interest to the university and for specific reason considered important by the library.

These include:

a) Faculty Publications. Duplicates of some titles are also available in the General Collection.

b) Islamic Economics

c) Islamic Law

d) Controversial Materials

e) Manuscripts

f) Archives

Islamic Law are special collections to Law which are situated on Level 1.  The other Special Collections can be obtained from the Multimedia and Special Counter on Level 3.



Multimedia Collection

Besides books and journals, the library also holds a range of non-print materials in the form of :

a) Audio and Video cassettes

b) Microfilms

c) Microfiche,

d) CDs

e) Slides,

f) Transparencies

g) Kits.


Electronic Collection

Electronic resources refer to any source of information that can only be accessed or used via a stand alone personal computer, the network or the internet. Materials in this category include :

a) CD-ROMs

b) e-journals

c) Websites

d) In-house Databases.

e) Online Databases

f) Digital Library Services

Users can have full access to standalone CD-ROMs, In-House databases and digital library services via specified workstations in the library. On the other hand, those accessible through the internet can be accessed remotely from within and outside the University’s campus.