All registered members are allowed to borrow library materials according totheir eligibility. Loan eligibility and borrowing period differ according tothe borrower types. Borrowing can be done either at the Self-Check machines or at the Circulation Counter (for transactions that need special attention only).To enable borrowing of library materials, you are required to register yourstudent/staff card the Circulation Counter, Level 2.

1.    Borrowing Privileges



Loan of Book

Loan Period














Staff (full time)


One Semester


Staff (part time)


One Semester










Member 1 (Including Alumni)




Member 2




Learning Students







2.    Return

Users can return books at the Circulation Desk,Automated Book drop Machine and also at the Manual Book drop located outside the library building which is available 12 hours a day. This Book drop serviceprovides an option for users who want to return books without going to the Circulation Desk whenever the library is closed. The clearance hours for booksreturned at the Book drop facility are at 9.00 am to 4.00 pm daily. Users who want to return books within the clearance period are advised to do so at the Circulation Counter.

3.    Overdue/Late return fines/Penalty

Library users are expected to return library books before or on the due date, after which an overdue fine will be imposed. The user will not be allowed to borrow any library materials until the fine is paid. This is done to encourage users to return books on time and to give others fair opportunity to borrow the books. Payment is to be made at the Circulation counter and the fine rates are as
in table below:


RATES (incurred
after due date or hour)

General Loan Books

Tk 1.00 per day

Non-print Item

Red-spot (text books & recommended readings by

Tk 1.00 per hour

Carrel Rooms (Three-Hourly)

Carrel Rooms (Monthly)

Discussion Rooms (Three-Hourly)

4.    Renewal

Loans renewal can be done at Self-Check machines, circulation counter (renewals that need special attention only). If the loan period is not yet due, renewal can also be done online through the “My Account” section in library catalogue.

5.    Reservation/Hold

A user may reserve a book which is out on loan to ensure that he/ she gets the item when it is returned. Reservation of books with status ‘on-loan’ can be done via the library catalogue and printed form at circulation Counter (for certain cases). User can manage the status of the
reservation if they do it online. A notice will be sent to the requestor informing him/her to claim the reserved book when it is available. The book
will be kept (on hold) at the Circulation Counter for 7 days only after which it will be returned to the shelves.

6.    Book Security System

The system of one-entry one-exit together with electronic sensing of books at the exit point, ensures that only materials that
have been systematically borrowed can be brought out of the Library Building. A warning bell is triggered if a material that has not been officially borrowed is brought through the exit.


Inter-Library Loan

1.   Introduction


The library can obtain materials which are not in our collection from other libraries, inside and outside the country. We offer ILL and Document
Delivery services to facilitate library users as well as member libraries. Some materials especially articles which are not available locally maybe obtained from overseas. The service maybe charged for where necessary.

2.   Guidelines

All faculty members and students who have registered as a member of IIUC Library may request for books and photocopies of materials from other libraries on interlibrary loan. However, this service is not extended to External Members.

This service is based on the following conditions:

  1.    Material requested is to be used for teaching, research and academic purposes.
  2. The material requested is not available in IIUC Library OR the status of material in   IIUC Library Catalogue (OPAC) is either ‘On Loan, Missing,   Lost, OR damaged’.
  3. The requestor is advised to identify the Library which has the material that he/she is requesting as well as to provide the specific ‘call number’ (if available).
  4. Should any amount be incurred, the amount will be borne by the requestor.
  5. The Library reserves the right to recall items on ILLbefore its due date. A fine of Tk. 1.00 per day will be levied for overdue books or after it has been recalled. Renewal is permissible subject to approval from the lending library.
  6. Each user can borrow only 2 (two) books at a timethrough ILL.

3.Cost of ILL/DDS





No charge

Tk 110.00 per book
as per charge


Tk 2.00 per article
(except for articles from IIUC – charged based on invoice)

Tk 60.00 per


Information Services

1.    Reference Enquiry

Information Desks are available at level 1 & 2 of the library which are manned by trained staff to assist library customers. Liaison librarians also
entertain walk-in enquiries at their offices.


2.   Searching Assistance

Users can make a request for searching assistance at the Circulation counter if the books needed are not available on the shelves by completing the Request for Searching Assistance Form. Library staff will then search for the books and results of searches are displayed on the notice board

3.   New Titles

This service which is accessible via the Library’s catalogue alerts users on new titles acquired by the Library. The new titles list is automatically
updated daily where titles are maintained in the list for 30 days. You may borrow the books if available on the shelves or reserve them if the books are on loan.

4.   Exhibitions

To update library users on specific information, IIUC Library organizes a regular exhibition which focuses on specific themes and other current topics of interest.


User Education

The library also provides a variety of user education programmes to enable users to utilize the library to its maximum potential. The programmes educate the users on the techniques of searching for information from abstracts, indexes, databases and other information sources.

Library Orientation

The library orientation programmes help to familiarize new students with the services and facilities available in the library. These are usually conducted at the beginning of each new semester.

Information Literacy Workshop

User education and Information Literacy Courses are courses offered to the library users as an attempt to provide quality services and provide the latest information on the library to assist customers in information seeking and researches.

Objectives of the course:

1. To introduce the services, collection and facilities to the Library users

2. To enable the users to identify and access various information resources, printed and electronic, for their information search.

3. To enable the users to understand how to use strategic searching skills in information searching

4. To develop lifelong culture among the library users.

PC Reservation

Membership procedure:

An user intending to be the member of the library have to fill in prescribed Membership Application Form and submit it along with two stamp-size color photographs to the Circulation Desk of the Library & Information Division. Dean/Head/Director of the department/division ensures identity of the particular member.



1.    Circulation Counter

Main circulation counter is available at Level 2. Here is where you can register for membership. Registration entitles you borrower barcode and password for:

1. Register for membership that will entitles your access for Barrier/Security gate, library materials/facility loan system, PC use and reservation and Digital Library Services.

2. Borrowing/Returning

3. Pay bills and clearance

4. Access to Red-Spot Collections

2. Multimedia Counter

Multimedia counter is located at level 3. If you wish for any multimedia and special collection materials, please proceed to this counter. Booking of multimedia equipments and mutimedia rooms such as Auditorium and Multipurpose can be done here.

Reader Advisory/Information Desk  

Reader advisory\Information Desks is available at level 1 & 2 of the library.Manned by trained staff to assist library user. Liaison librarians also
entertain walk-in enquiries at their offices.


Study Rooms

Research Room

These rooms are available for academic staff only. Booking is limited to theresearch period and can be extended if it is not reserved by others.

Discussion Room

These rooms can only be used by a group of not less than three (3) users and not more than six(6), eight(8) or sixteen(16) depending on the size of the room. Prior booking is necessary as the number of rooms is limited and can be borrowed for three hours only and will be extended if it is not reserved by others.


Computing Facilities


A heavily demanded facility that the library offer is the PC with internet connection for students’s academic use. Use of these PCs are limited to 1 hours per day. To use these PCs, you are to log-in to these PCs at the library (if available) or do a reservation (if occupied) for a time later in the day or the day after. A library barcode will be used as username and PIN as password in order to use this computers.

Computer Labs

Computer Labs are available at Level 2 and 3. These labs are especially for user education classes conducted by the Library. When there are no classes held, users are allowed to use the PCs for academic purposes.Opening hours for computer labs at level 3 will follow the opening hours for
Multimedia & Special Collection counter.

Multimedia Opening Hours


During Semester

Semester Break

Sat -Thu





Public Holiday


Other Facilities

Viewing and Listening StationsViewing and listening stations are available at the Multimedia & Special Collections area at Level 3.

Viewing Rooms

Viewing rooms are also available at the Multimedia & Special Collections area at Level 3.

Auditorium & Multipurpose Room

The Library has an auditorium with seating capacity of 146 and a Multipurpose Room (MPR) that is able to accommodate 50 person at one go.


Self-services photocopy printing machines available on every floors of the library. Operator operated photocopying services is available on Level 1.


To cater customers’ needs to store their belongings before entering the library, we have external deposit-required baggage slots at the library entrance.

  • Self-Phorocopying


  • Lockers



Users with Special Disabilities

The IIUC Library is committed to providing equal access to our services and facilities for all users. We are working to make library accessible for all. Kindly email to for any suggestions and ideas.  

Who Can Help You?

  • Request assistance from staff at the Readers Advisory Desk or Circulation Counter.
  • Subject help, information skills, database searching, reference service – Kindly ask your Subject Liaison