Admissions Criteria

Admission Requirement for MBA Program:

Admission to the MBA program is competitive. Candidates will have to face an admission test (oral) for selection. The Admission test Committee takes into consideration the academic result. English Proficiency, individual interest and overall performance of the incumbent. The minimum requirement to apply for admission to MBA Program is a Bachelor degree from any recognized institution with 5 points(where 1st class or equivalent = 3 point, 2nd class or equivalent = 2 point and 3rd class or equivalent =  1 point) in class system or 7.5 points(securing minimum GPA 2.5 in each exam) in grading system or 8 points(in case of combined GPA 6 in SSC & HSC, minimum GPA 2.00 is required in individual exam). Candidates having good academic background and work experience will be given preference in selection.

Admission Period:

Students are admitted trice a year in MBA program. The Period of application is given below:

Trimester                                                   Application Period                                                       Admission Test
Spring (January – April)                                 November                                                                             December
Summer(May – August)                                 March                                                                                   April
Autumn(September – December)                   July                                                                                      August